Best way to get MIDI input

Currently I am just simulating keyboard input using Java Robots to get midi into Roblox.
For example when I press the first button on my Akai APC Mini (Note 38) I get the keyboard output of q38FFz, q is the begin character and z is the end character, this makes it so anything in between them is regarded as MIDI data. The “FF” on the end is just the “velocity” of the note, this just means whether or not it is a button down or a button up. Faders use the velocity to send data, usually from 00 to FF (0 to 255).
This isn’t a very efficient way of doing it however and has a fair amount of latency when using faders, I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of doing this instead of having to simulate keyboard input?


I don’t think you can in the first place. Roblox doesn’t have support for MIDI keyboards so you have to translate MIDI keyboard keys into computer keyboard keys to simulate or hack together such input. The point is that a computer keyboard has to serve as a proxy for the MIDI keyboard.

Have no idea how to solve this other than this basic answer. Sorry.