Best way to get prices/stats for a simulator game?

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I’m making a simulator game (Like ninja legends or saber simulator so with a weapon, “dna” and a rank store) and I’m up to the part of setting the prices for weapons, dna, and ranks. These are the following things I need for each:
    Weapons: Price, Reward per click
    DNA: Price, Capacity
    Ranks: Price, Multiplier

What in your opinions is the best way of getting these for each? I was thinking a formula but I saw some people saying it is bad, and also a graph but I’m not really sure what graph would work best for these.

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i’m not sure what you’re asking for.
are you asking how you would get each stat for use in code?
are you asking for the best way to display each stat to the player ingame?

No, I am asking how I should get the prices, and stats for each item, the coding is done, I just need a way to think of appropriate stats and prices for each item.

You should probably just look at the other games for guidance, and then keep a close eye on the balance when the game’s up.

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I don’t really want to just copy other games though, so I was just wondering if anyone had a formula or a graph that I can base mine off of.

That’s the same thing, haha! You don’t need to exactly copy it, but you could definitely play one of the games that inspired you, look at how they ratio everything, time vs currency etc.