Best way to import blender animations?

So I have a rig made in blender that I imported into roblox. I had my animator(s) make me animations with blender, and then I would import them via the fbx import feature in Studio.

It’s been countless problems, and to my knowledge the fbx importer is completely unusable for me.

I had animations made from two different animators, and there’s just so many problems with the animation origin, and the new one I had made is totally broken. The animation spirals into infinity essentially, it’s totally offset or something.

It’s funny how I can’t find any insight on the problems I’ve been experiencing from anywhere. I have no clue what the ideal approach is here.

Thank you for any feedback


Ensure that your animations are created using the same rig. Additionally, double-check the export settings in Blender to make sure your animators are exporting correctly.

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