Best way to incorporate cutscenes into a multiplayer game?

Hi, a few months ago I have finished a single-player horror game. I’m happy with it, but I coded the game around it being single-player and I want to fully revamp the game and change some stuff. (Basically I finished it a day before the audio update and just didn’t have the energy to go back and fix everything so it is left broken lol)

This game has a bunch of cutscenes which occur after each goal is met. So for example, you get a cutscene when you walk into a room. Or get a “jumpscare,” followed by a teleport. It worked great in what the game was.
But I’m not sure if this will work in multiplayer. I have been asked a lot by my players to add a multiplayer feature, but I am not sure how the cutscenes will work (everything else is doable, it’s just this)

Does anyone have an ideas on what I could do? Basically, it’s following a story, and I want to be able to keep all the players moving along together, working together to find clues and stuff. The cutscenes in the original game were perfect for showing character personality and the story building up, but I don’t know how to approach this in multiplayer as everyone moves at different paces.

Any suggestions are appreciated- thank you :slight_smile:


My suggestion to this is to use TweenService for the camera, and using humanoid:WalkTo() for the players. Don’t forget to turn off their controls.

I know, but I’m talking gameplay wise. If a player triggers a cutscene, it will make sense to them story wise but not other players. So I am asking for suggestions on natural ways to maybe round up players before cutscenes, or just ideas on what I can do to make things work.

I would just do individual cutscenes, but I feel like that would take away from the whole “working together” aspect I’m working for.