Best way to make a part face where the player is looking?

I’m trying to create a line that the player can curve by looking in their desired direction. The line will be used to gather points and set different parts’ position to said points. In order to achieve this I want to have a ball move forward in the direction the player is facing, grabbing the ball’s position in set intervals to create the points. My first thought was to set a BodyVelocity to the ball, and set its rotation using CFrame.lookAt or CFrame.LookVector. I just wanted to know before I deep dive into this method, if its the best way to achieve what I’m trying to do, or if there is a simpler or generally better method?

use CFrame | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


I’m guessing the direction would be HumanoidRootPart.CFrame.LookVector?

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pretty sure its the Root.CFrame idk