Best way to make a resurrection ability?

Hey. I’ve been thinking of a way to handle a resurrection script, first I would have a script turn off the Auto-Loading for respawning and simulate all character respawns with a delay (about 5 seconds) which would give a player with the resurrection ability to choose a player and use his ability on him after the died event has fired. The problem with this is that each player will have his custom armor/starter character and custom scripts that were automatically placed once he has selected a certain character in the Main Menu. For him not to lose this character/scripts I wouldn’t really look forward to Humanoid:LoadCharacter, unless I find a way to memorize his old character and reload it. Keep in mind there’s a ragdoll script on death, which I thought I could make some use of and put the joints back together after I break them on death, not sure which is the best way though.

Why not store a copy of the player’s character, then when they die just insert that into workspace and set the player’s character to that?


SSSPencer413 is defiantly on the right track for your soloution, ive seen it done this way many times before in scripts made for games like Void Script Builder

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Another simple solution is not using the Humanoid Health but instead storing a Health value else where.