Best way to make this terrain less flat?

Hiya Developers!

Im currently making a map, but im wondering how can i keep this map from looking so flat?
Im aware i can just add hills, mountains and stuff. But how could i make it more immersive for the player so they can’t just see across the map?


As you said, hills and mountains is your best option, add large mountains at the edge with a invisible wall to give the idea of infinite terrain


Yeah, thanks for the tips. Ill try this out.

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Use generate terrain feature with lots of biomes

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Nope nope nope that’s the worst idea ever
Always do it with hand or parts to terrain

Yeah, im creating my own terrain and using parts to terrain to.

The generation feature is terrible.

You could try using a heightmap, they’re actually surprisingly simple to make.

If you are looking for an efficient way of making mountainous terrain, I’d suggest using large cylinder to make a rough shape of what you want, then afterwards you can use the grow and smooth tool to make it seem more natural!

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