Best way to monetize an RPG?

So I am currently planning out and have started working on an RPG, and have been thinking about monetization and how best to go about it/what are some good ways to monetize it without impacting the game’s economy or the gameplay too much (the RPG is intended/planned to be more skill-oriented)

So far I have thought about a gamepass giving access to advanced customization options in the character creation such as usage of a color wheel instead of presets, Eventually having some form of “expansion packs” as gamepasses that would give access to a whole other realm through the teleport gates, “Sacrificing” Robux to the gods to get a resurrection (because once a character dies it is gone for good and gets erased) and temporary boosters.

I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts or ideas on other/better ways to monetize an RPG like this.

Edit: I guess another detail is that this game is oriented towards >13 players due to how complex/confusing some of the features may be for <13 players


In my experience with RPGs, there’s often a lot of grinding for money, power and other things. While I don’t know how involved your game will be with that element of gameplay, have you considered just directly selling currency? Otherwise, i’d focus more into something similar to a VIP package where players have access to unique but not overpowered items, or even just more cosmetic options.

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Well personally, I would prefer to stay away from them being able to affect the economy using Robux as that could easily unbalance the game (I want it to be more skill-based than P2W, basically a level 1 should be able to beat a level 50 in theory if they had enough skill and knowledge of the game), and I was considering having different shape packs for the custom equipment players will eventually have the ability to create

Edit: Plus even if I did, players may get upset over losing their paid for currency when they die


Totally valid, but in that case I’d stick on the lane of cosmetics, or maybe even like, races of player types (similar to what rogue lineage does) that have slightly different abilities? While I’m not saying to steal that idea, it might be an interesting concept to build something off of when it comes to monetization :slight_smile:

Well the game does have races, and each one will have it’s own advantages and disadvantages while others may have race specific abilities or skills (the elves for example are good at archery while the cat people have better sight in the dark, or the autonoma which are completely immune to flames)

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Adding on, “races” are a good idea as long as they DO NOT resemble any human i.e Whites, Blacks, Brown people etc, That would get your game tons of dislikes and maybe even taken down for racist content, but of course you can have cat people but people are still bias and wil hate if they like dogs more. Hope this did something! :smile:


I would put in timed boosts, like X2 Exp for 15 minutes, etc. That stuff is not permanent, so people can buy it repeatedly and it won’t ruin the game instantly.

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I’ve already been considering that as well, it’s a pretty good idea

I’d focus mainly on cosmetics, you can get a lot out of selling cosmetic items, especially in an RPG game. Sell things like special hairs, colored armor, cool swords, etc. Seeing as you also have races, adding for the ability to pay to change your race would also be a good way to monetize it. Also, as @am_brick said, adding things like x2 exp boosts or x2 gold boosts wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

The boosters are a pretty good idea tbh, I had already been considering them but was wondering how much they’d impact gameplay, but ig they don’t have too big an impact. As for races, I could consider that however I already had plans for a advanced reincarnation system (one where players under certain conditions can reincarnate as a race other than the default choices) So I’m not entirely sure on that one though it was a pretty good idea.

You could look at well-monetised (i.e. in a fair manner) games like Warframe, which has a platinum currency that can be used for conveniences, such as speeding up the construction of weapons (note that the construction timer occurs regardless of whether you’re playing the game or not; it runs in the background), as well as purchasing new characters (which can all be obtained through in-game play).

Platinum in Warframe works really well, because the core experience is excellent, and it isn’t necessary to enjoy the game. It does slightly increase convenience, but at a relatively minor investment; otherwise, it can be used to bypass some progression, but this is more rare due to the price of purchasing new characters/etc with the currency.

This monetisation appears friendly (not hostile or overly marketed), and avoids making the player feel like they’re treated as a cash cow (lots of Roblox games). The currency is also tradable, so you can actually obtain Platinum by trading your items with other characters. Depending on your game’s economy, something like this could work well.

Cosmetic items are usually a good option too, perhaps implemented with a premium currency. I would just avoid anything that is overbearing on how your progression system or general gameplay works.

Whatever you do, don’t go the Runescape route and implement addictive lootboxes for the players that are already obsessed with grinding your game.

I don’t see why that could be a problem though. Adding a white, brown, etc race into your game probably won’t spark anything wild unless you add anything ridiculous to them.

I have been considering some form of premium currency that could be used as an alternative currency to all forms of cosmetics (accessories, furniture, etc) or for something like what you mentioned

And if I was gonna take any inspiration from Runescape, it would be buying things like boosters and memberships as an actual item which grants those boosters upon use. (Which in my opinion, it’s a genius concept)

Do you mean like Bonds? They’re a great concept. The Squeel of Fortune… not so much.

Yeah I think that’s the name of it