Best way to optimize structures & big fields of nature?

Hey! I am wondering what I could do to improve the preformance on my game.
I want to optimize by buildings and poppy fields.

For the poppy fields, here you have an image of what the poppy’s look like. It is basically a model that contains a specialmesh with a texture

I am planning on using a lot of these in my game, and I am wondering if anyone has an idea on if there is a better way instead of just copy pasting these across the map.

Also I heared using meshes instead of unions can have positive preformance effects in game, is this true? Also I would appreciate any other tips of how I can optimize structures that will go in my game.



In general, Roblox meshes should have better performance than unions because they are simpler and require less processing power to render. But if your mesh is more like a mess it will lag even more than unions, so make sure that your mesh is optimized at first.

  1. Decrease terrain quantity. Because terrain use voxels to render the terrain.
  2. Use meshes. Self explanatory
  3. Unions use CSG to negate parts. Inefficient and buggy in large quantities.
  4. If using meshes make sure to lower the amount of triangles in the mesh as much as possible. (If able to.)