Best way to promote my hangout game?

Hello everyone! Recently I released a hangout game called Hangout In A Bottomless Pit! but I am struggling to get more players. It is a very simple game but I believe that it has very good potential because it is unique and it is just a chill place to hangout and chat (many players have said this as well!)

I have tried sponsoring and advertising the game with a pretty decent amount of robux, but I have only reached about 7k visits and I am not getting really anymore players without any sponsors or ads. However, the ratings have been pretty good so far which is promising.

I would love to hear feedback on the best route for promoting a hangout game as this is my first time promoting a hangout game in general. I know social media epseically TikTok is a great place for promoting games but I just wonder if it will be worth it for a hangout game that doesn’t exaclty have a “core gameplay loop”. Thanks for any advice!


Honestly, with my experience with Hnagout games, they never do well, they always flop. But there are many “Hangout” games on the platform which have at least 1k players, and i said Hangout in quotation makrs because they have what your game dosent have, which is a core-gameplay-machanic.

Advertising is on my opinion and many other devs a complete waste of money, as for sponsering, i havent messed with that.

Best advice i could give is to add something that will make them come back again, Hangouts fail because 1 person joins, sees that there is no one to hangout with, then leaves, and the loop continues, and what makese it worse is when there is nothing to do.

I’ll give you a couple examples of Hangout games that have something for people to do:

  • Note that they also dont have “Hangout” in the name, thats something to consider.

Thanks for the advice and suggestions! The games you sent gave me some ideas on how I can get more of a core gameplay loop in the game. I am also now considering the word “hangout” in the title, maybe “Jump In A Bottomless Pit” is more interesting as someone who sees the title may think “well what happens when I jump into it?”

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One thing that I think you could try, even if it doesn’t work out well, is make some kind of a community server or something, if you can even get anyone in a server that’s a really good thing, as with that you can do other things to help with engagement, like hosting events or something like that, if your able to do something like that every so often and do updates that in some way change the game (not a ton, but a bit at least), which gives players a reason for people to check out the game again, then a player might come back another time, and then if you get someone that comes back a few times then you can start to build some kind of a playerbase (this is all a guess from me so I might be wrong).

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I think that could be a great way to get players, I do have my own discord community server however when I promoted this game in it, it did not get many plays cause it is still relatively small and not super active. But if I could find a server that makes it their “hangout” spot that would definitely help! Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

Good to hear, but as for the new name, maybe spice it up a bit more, i personally dont think it will get you anyway, or if it does, a couple players, but its your game, its all up to you.

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Fair enough, I’m just going for one of those “literal” titles you see on some games such as The Longest Hole In Roblox, Just A Rope Bridge, Obby But You Are On A Bike, etc.

I’m sorry and I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but “that’s it?” was literally the only thought I had when I jumped into that hole. Like, it literally says “Hangout In A Bottomless Pit!” and yet I expected it to be more fun. Most likely noone will stay there alone and I think you will have a hard time finding a good user base if that is all that it offers. Players join to play and even hangout games often have fun things to do, even if it’s just hanging out near a fireplace grilling virtual marshmallows. Not sure what to do here in your case though :sweat_smile: Maybe add a car, like a bus, that falls, or even an appartment, or so I don’t know :sweat_smile:

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I see what you are saying. I have added a sign and booth to the game that will fall with you to add another element to do such as debate with others or just post a funny message. I’m thinking adding a car or even a bed that spawns in as well that you can interact with. The game does rely on having at least a few players, but isn’t a game like MIC UP pretty much the same way?