Best way to send large strings from game to outside?

I added an update to my game recently, and one of the features was that players could build something cool, ‘publish’ it for me to review it, and I would add it into the game for others across all servers to load it. How it currently works is that the player’s build is saved as a string containing positions and colors, and when they publish it, it sends the string to PasteBin where I can grab it and load it in as a build, and if I like it, I add it to the game for others to use. I already got a pretty cool build submitted, and I added it, but there is a problem now: pastebin has a maximum amount of storage, and if I don’t check this every 12 hours or something, all the storage is used up and the website no longer accepts more until I clear the website, meaning I lose builds. It also can only do 20 posts every 24 hours or it does not let me. I am trying to find other ways of doing this. One thought I had is if maybe I could save all of the builds in a global datastore in Roblox, and have the game give only me a GUI that shows me all of the builds in the datastore, where I can copy the strings from the GUI in game. I have had to temporarily disable this feature so that I don’t continue losing builds. Would this global datastore idea work? Or is there anywhere else I can send these strings? Thanks!

I would say send it to Discord but discord has a 2000 character limit, idk if there is anyway of sending it as a json file or something

You can build yourself a system with DataStore. You can also automate it and have a fancy UI so that you don’t have to copy and paste strings.