Best way to set up respawn and spectate feature

I would like it so that when a player dies, they can spectate another player. When a new round starts, they can respawn. I tried turning off CharacterAutoLoad() but when I manually reload a character it clears their backpack and playergui. Also, I am having trouble assigning respawning characters into a folder in the workspace because it just resets it back out of the folder. Thank you in advance.

I found this tutorial made by @Lugical in the #resources:community-tutorials category. Hope it helps you out in some way:


This will definitely come in handy later but it didn’t really address the issues I’m having now.

Inside the player object, there is an object called StarterGear. If you put tools in StarterGear, they will replicate to the backpack if the player resets.

For the players going outside the folder, you could just have this script in ServerScriptService:

        c.Parent = -- folder here
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StarterGear is only accessible when I run the game and the script you showed will only run once when a player joins the game, not when they reset.

1: I just tested the script and it runs whenever the player’s character is added (Including after a reset)

2: To add an item to the player’s StarterGear, you can do this:

local item = --Item to add
    item:Clone().Parent = p:WaitForChild(StarterGear)
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Script’s just not working for me. Thank you but I’m going to try another method.