Best way to simulate a 'Flowing liquid effect?'

Just interest in what instances / what would be the best route to go down when trying to recreate a fairly realistic liquid flowing system as shown in my following gif:

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What you could do is create a whole load of parts that act as segments then put trails inbetween to make it flow-like liquid and set it back to the same starting pos/change beam end/start positions essentially doing object pooling lessening strain instead of actual destroying() the parts. After finished pouring, destroy all parts or set it to inf in cframe to set it aside.

Do all of that on the client as well to lessen strain.

Or you can go crazy and create 100 parts falling down and act the same object pooling on it.

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are you suggesting simulating an almost chain of parts to pour from the bottle?

Raycast down from the pour hole, make a beam that connects the end part of the raycast and the pour hole, and make the beam look like it’s running down. Make sure to make it face camera.


Thats certainly an interesting idea,

at .1 width it does seem fairly realistic, however it was a bit thin for my liking

If we go larger it starts looking a bit flat,

Is there any way to make it look more cylindrical?

Try using a texture for the beam. You can sort of simulate a cylindrical shape by making the edges black with feather like this

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Perfect, cheers.