Best way to slow down a rolling ball?


Since air resistance was removed, I have had to try and find a way to slow down a rolling ball. Before you ask, I have tried custom physical properties and the results aren’t great, its just not slowing down quick enough.

This was recommended to me by baumz, but it also does not work good enough.

Any suggestions?


Well for starters, I would assume a higher Friction value and a lower FrictionWeight value would potentially give you better results. Apart from making that simple adjustment in the Physical Properties, I could try and think of some sort way to make the object “artificially” slow down.


In what ways is it not good enough?

If you don’t want to manually adjust the physics every frame like that, you could possibly try using a BodyVelocity, with Velocity set to (0,0,0) and adjust the other parameters to slow the object at a desired rate.


Slowing the rotational velocity barely affects the ball.


You can apply a dampening scale to velocity too. And you can make it stronger as needed.


Friction on Custom Physics Properties will not affect rolling balls… it’s not “Rolling Friction”. What do you mean by “Slowing the rotational velocity barely affects the ball.”? If you set RotVelocity to 0 it will definitely affect the ball… just question of adjusting the damping factor.


Try throwing a BodyAngularVelocity in the ball with AngularVelocity 0, 0, 0 and MaxTorque tuned to the resistance you want.

Will air resistance ever be brought back?

My bad, the real issue with your suggestion is that lowering the rotvelocity is causing some unwanted behavior in the way the ball moves. Its creating unwanted spinning which is propelling the ball towards the spinning direction, like if you spun a basketball towards you, it bounces towards you. I don’t want this effect.

This occurs when the ball goes up and off a past vert ramp, or hits a wall.