Best way to translate custom Rathers

Hello my dear robloxians, i am working on an game called Would you rather.
In the game i have an module with rathers that will show up an random one each time, so i have no problem with translating that.
But as well people can make custom rathers, now my question is how can i detect what language they are typing it in and how i would translate the rather to the desired language of the user?

if anyone knows an solution to this please let me know


I don’t know much about Roblox’s HTTP services but is it possible for you to use it to send a request to google’s apis for google translate, and then listen for a response?
Since google translate auto-detects languages when you’re inputting characters.

I’m not entirely sure, just an idea. =)

I think you could look for “Would you rather?” in the different languages. German, French, and Spanish don’t seem to overlap with that phrase. You could also restrict player input to including that at the beginning of their sentence, and just have in your script detect if the phrase is there. There might be a better way, but I’m not entirely sure really. :slight_smile:

You can find the language the player is using by using the localisation service.
The property RobloxLocaleId is what language they have set the website to while SystemLocaleId is what language their operating system is using.

FYI, it’s dangerous to assume what language a user is going to type in based on their system locale. I might be non-English but as you can see, I’m typing in English. (and I’d prefer to type in English too)

You could use Google’s Cloud Translation API for this:

Or the Dandelion API:

There are API members to detect and translate text on there.


Determine what language the question has been submitted in and only show that question to players who have a suitable matching locale.