Best way to utilize knockbacks?

So I saw this dbz combat display video and realized that those knockbacks seemed wayy to smooth to even be tweens. So my question is how would one go about making knockbacks as smooth as this??? I find it hard to believe this is tween because even tweens don’t even be looking this smooth lmao there’s like no lag or delay at ALLL!!

ps if anyone knows the game discord lemme know id love to join it loooks cool!

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It uses body movers, probably either body position or body velocity. Tweening would be very ineffective for knockback considering you would start going thru walls without extra checks.

true and that would be my way of doing it but even with body velocity sheesh in the past even my old knockbacks for dbz ever felt that smooth as far as movement and such and i used body velocities/positioning before lol always felt some sort of lil tiniest delay or something

You’re probably doing something wrong then, whether it be in the from of network ownership or just some random problem with the properties of the velocity. One of my games is riddled to the brim with memory leaks and some other bad stuff and the body movers still work pretty much perfectly.

Make sure the network ownership of dummies/non-players is nil and everything else is correct.

another guy on discord told me that body movers on local is the way to go to pull it off.

That helps for players but will add delay if the person receiving the velocity is laggy, but the video in the original post plus your own video are both on dummies. Which wouldn’t help with local movers. I’m guessing you forgot to make the ownership nil for dummies…?

If you look closely at the video there’s a slight delay of the dummy going in the animation before going flying back, they’re definitely connecting to the server to do the pushback and then doing something on the client to give their visual dust affects and what not.

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actually in that old dbz video i did every body mover on server and didnt even know bout local body movers at the time did nothing client based. but now im making snowball pvp game and learned bout client effects and network ownership etc and started doing things on client. but for my snowball i did tweens with touched event on client and would send info to the server firing remote and doing whatever sort of action needed

That knockback looks fine? Not sure what you’re looking to get fixed now. If you look at just the knockback between your stuff and the video in the original post its basically at the same level smoothness wise.

i see. your right and they probably using network ownership too

yea ig its just idk sometimes i be trying stuff and dont know if the best efficient way of doing things so i like to ask as i have no reference to go off of as if i should be doing something a certain way. I just try and replicate to a way that works but just dont always know if its the most efficient way

Don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t think you’re doing things the most effcient way, the most important part is just making it work overall and then you can improve.

They could be also using the new physic API that roblox just released not too long ago, I didn’t know about it until it started saying that velocity was deprecrated lol.

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oh woww ill have to read-up on this thankyou!