Best ways make realistic roads?

So I am currently working on a project that involves designing some fairly realistic roads.

Right now I am using Archimedes to design the layout but while working with the plugin, I came to realize that I won’t be really able to bank any roads without needing to do more complex math than I currently am doing. This is mostly due to the fact that the plugin only allows for manipulation in only one angle.

Example of a banked road for those who don't know

As you can see here, the turn is at an angle which requires to manipulate 2 axis of orientation instead of 1

I’ve been doing some plugin research in that front and I came to learn that a lot of the “roads” specific plugins are fairly out of date so I come here to ask if there are any good ways to create fairly realistic roads which would help speed the process up? Don’t mind needing to spend extra time in Blender if I have to but I personally wish to avoid it.

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I don’t think you really have options besides Blender (or other 3d software). Personally I use bezier curves and run subdivided rectangles along it with the array modifier. If you use Blender a lot you have probably used this same workflow for something before.

This method allows the road to bend on multiple axis and keeps the topology pretty clean.

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