Best ways to transform Figma projects into Roblox UI?

I love working in Figma, as in my opinion it’s superior to Roblox Studio for making UIs. Eventually though, I have to move all my work into Roblox Studio. I know that I can export individual buttons, frames, etc. as images, but isn’t this only time consuming, but a lot of times, due to the resolution limitation to 1024x1024, quality gets lost on bigger elements.

Keep in mind that I’m not talking about actually making the UI work, but about importing my work from Figma into Roblox Studio.


Try using Frames, UICorners, and UIGradients instead of importing absolutely everything. Some objects can be very easily recreated inside of Studio, such as the black backgrounds in the image you provided.

Based on the UI you provided, you can create templates. For example, under the utility tab you have a Med-Kit. Delete the Med-Kit, 25% and 200 texts so you just have a blank health and points space. Then on Studio add text labels where they were and modify them in Studio for each of them.

where do u learn to use figma, i also want to try it out