Bestladybugg’s UGC portfolio

About Me

Hi! I’m ladybug,I’m a 15 year old 3d modeler and graphic designer, I’ve been modeling for almost a year now and I aspire to be a UGC creator! Here is my work :slight_smile:


UGC concepts:

Game assets:

Uploaded UGC items i made: (thanks to some amazing star creators)
Bumblebee Girl Beanie

Pink Bunny Hat

Pink Bunny Hat With Hairstyle

Pink Skateboard

:butterfly: Cute Kitty Paw Wings :paw_prints:

Cartoony Bunny Head


Prices depend on how complex your request is.


You can contact me here through Devforum or here
twitter: (@/bestladybugg)^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
discord: ladybug#3970

Thank you for reading!:star2: