Besupernow | Scripter and UI Designer | OPEN!

Hello! I am besupernow, but you can just call me super! I’m 17 Years old. I am a UI Designer, Intermediate-Advanced Scripter, Logo Designer, Website Designer, Animator, and more! I have been Scripting and Designing UIs for 3 Years now. The reason I started learning UI Design with Scripting is because as I was getting into UIs, I had to learn to script them to make them work. I have also been doing GFX and Animating for just under a Year. Well… Let’s Get on to the Fun Part, Time for the Showcase!

Scripting and UI Design

Here’s a Little Video just for a Quick Overview
Showcase Video - YouTube

Updates for New Commissions

Baseball UI System, fully Scripted:

Personal Project Loading UI:

Phone System:


Some of these are when I first got into Animating for a Commission so they may be a little low quality, but I will share some of my new Animations
Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo
Some Newer Animations
Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo

Logo Design

Solar Computer Logo Kireko Try
These are just a few Designs I have done. (The 2 above do not have water marks because I used Canva instead of my usual editor because I was on mobile at the time of making them.)

Website Design

Here is a website I have Designed for a genuine business and they love it:


Just a cool Quote I made:

Something I made for fun

Just one of me

I will only be accepting Commissions (No Long-term Projects unless I strongly believe in your game). I will be accepting USD or Robux.
When we talk about pricing, I will need every detail you want (e.g. What A Certain Script does). After given the Details and what you would like to pay with, I will give a negotiable quote (All Pricing is based off DevEx Rates. e.g. $50 = :robux_gold:14K).

Transaction Rules (Must be abided in order for safety of you and me)
Terms: For the rest of this section these terms shall be used. Any future, past, or current customer shall be called a “Client” and besupernow shall be called a “Creator”.

  • If the Payment is in Robux then 20-50% of the Payment Must be paid before the Commission can be started
  • If the Payment is in USD then PayPal Will be used as a Transaction Service
  • Once the Commission is finished the Creator will share the place with the Client in order for the Client to verify the Job is complete. The Client then can make a few suggestions, if needed. After the Commission is declared done in agreement between the Client and the Creator, then the Payment or the Rest of the Payment must be sent and verified by the Creator before the Creator is able to send the created assets.
  • All Graphic Assets will have Watermarks to prevent theft from the Client.

Thank you if you abide by these terms.

Next section is how Commissions is to be handled (Less legal looking, lol)
Commissions will be done in a first come, first serve basis.
It does take longer to get a commission ordered via the Discord bot, so it is very encouraged to fill out the form
Well, that’s it for Pricing

Well, we are getting near the end. Time for how to Contact me!
Last Year I did a personal challenge by doing a few free commissions for a day(Link to the page). For about a week I got multiple friend requests and I was spammed. Some Jobs were big, so I had to turn them down as I was looking for small jobs. I took what I could and to this day I get random friend requests(lol). So now I have developed a system that makes better use of communication for what you want to be made in a quick and orderly fashion! I have a form down below, Fill that out and it will take you to the discord after it is filled out or you can use the ticket bot to do it more manually, but it will take a bit longer. So, I highly suggest doing the form! Just make sure to join the discord server for the easiest way to stay connected with me while I work on your commission :wink:. Also, to find me in the discord, I am the “Big Boss”.
Commission Ordering Form: Discover Typeform, where forms = fun
Trello: Trello
Discord: besupernow's Commissions Server
For Important Contact, Here is my Discord:
Thank you for Reading my Portfolio! Have an awesome and wonderful day! :blush:


Updated the Showcase | 2/6/2021