[BETA] ELS Creator Plugin

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I already created a plugin that allows me to visually code an entire car and programmes it to work with the vehicle. Currently being used in multiple games I have participated in. Haven’t released it as a plugin until I was about to get access to plugin marketplace to put a price on it for my efforts.

Interesting. If you could shoot me a link or something I’d be eager to check it out, seems like a great plugin. If you’d like to reach out to me on Discord: J a c o b#0540, perhaps we could make our plugins compatible with one another. I currently use myPod to sell it, as I don’t have access to making plugins paid. Nonetheless, seems like a great idea and I’d love to check it out!

Much appreciated! Thanks for the support! Pre-orders are currently available via our myPod hub. If you’d like more information, feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord: J a c o b#0540 or via DevForum DMs.

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Just a notice for anyone that may have been following this project. I took quite a break off for college, but I’m back to developing. I’ve recently been doing some improvements on the framework and implementing the saving feature. The plugin overall isn’t too far off from release, aiming for a December 15th release date. Pre-orders are available via our product hub.

This plug-in looks promising as it can help multiple people who aren’t familiar with scripting to add details to their games. Really looking forward to it!

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Appreciate it! It’s been completely expanded to allow more functionality and provide more versatility with how the end user wants their ELS done.

Will this be paied?

I don’t want to spend robux :confused:


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It will be paid. I feel as if the way I know this plugin will be used and the endless amount of time and effort this has taken, I feel as if I deserve some compensation.

Will you ever make it free?

I have always tried making ELS but couldn’t, I watched multiple videos. Didn’t work. This would’ve helped me a lot, I have gone on multiple breaks for trying to get working cars and ELS, this is stressful for low-profit developers (like me) if you made it free that would help.


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Likely never, I put a price on my work as it’s high quality and provides useful tool to developers and groups. These various products I’ve produced are always at a cheap price, this one being 400R$ for pre orders and 600R$ after it releases.


Well goodbye then, I’d probably never have this.

Well, that’s just work gone to waste, sorry to break this to you but not a lot of people are willing to spend that much on a plugin. You could’ve made a free and a premium version, but who am I to judge i guess

I’ve already made 20k+ on pre-orders, with way more people waiting till release to order. I’ve marketed this product very well.

That’s 50 people. If the price was, let’s say 50, you would have earned way more than 20k

Yeah, but 20k is still relatively a lot of pre-orders and with the countless new features I’ve added that allows way more versatility makes it worth the purchase for many. I feel as if my work shouldn’t be priced too cheap, but if I weren’t keeping in mind the developers with less funding, I could overprice this product by a lot. You don’t see any of the behind the scenes work I’ve done, and the amount of interest that’s been generated from it on Discord.

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When is this releasing? I’d love to be using it.

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It’s currently in beta testing and can be bought by joining our Discord server with the invite above!

There’s still many more features that are planned to be added, and you can also see those WIP features in our server.

I completely understand that all this hard work should pay back, but I think you could earn even more money by making a Lite version for about 300 Robux. This way people who don’t want to spend too much Robux and don’t mind not having some features, can still buy it and give you money.

When is it releasing? Im curious as it says it should of been released last year.

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none of the videos load lol. arew u gonna fix that?