[BETA] ELS Creator Plugin

ELS Creator Plugin

Welcome to my completely revised post on my plugin! On here you’ll get a complete rundown and showcase of the plugin, along with how you can obtain this product. The intended use is for those in RP style communities, especially those who want higher quality ELS, but don’t feel like spending the Robux to hire someone to make bad-quality ELS, which wastes your money. This plugin is compatible with 2 semi-custom chassis (AG / IS) and standard A-Chassis.

// Info

  • This plugin is can be pre-ordered for 400R$, or bought for 600R$ upon release
  • Currently undergoing Beta testing
  • Release date: December 15th
  • Keep up with plugin updates by joining our Discord server with code: Cjk4uMMwm7

// Features

  • Adding custom colors (saves)
  • Various lightbars
  • AG/IS/A-Chassis compatibility
  • Environmental lighting (emission)
  • Specify TA lights
  • Specify default ELS and TA light colors
  • Multi-stage ELS and TA capabilities
  • Individual pattern creation
  • Saving/loading patterns
  • Compiling patterns with chassis framework
  • Preview pattern in plugin (live updates)

// Plugin Usage

// Extra

  • This plugin still possesses a way to goes before being in it’s final form. I have many features planned for after release.
  • I’d like to thank the community for its support through the countless pre-orders, feedback, and excitement around this product, as it wouldn’t be what it is without your support.
  • What are your thoughts on this plugin? What would you like to see added? Questions?
  • If you read/watched all the way through, thank you for your time, this project has taken a lot of effort and your feedback means a lot.

Very nice creation. For me personally, creating ELS patterns was a daunting task back then. This plugin will surely help others and myself out tremendously.

Colderco :raised_hand:t6:


Very very nice fine sir. Huge contribution


This is a really amazing thing, so many people are stuck probably confused with the scripts or end up paying people just to get a decent pattern, this plug-in cuts out the complicated things and makes a simple method, I can’t wait till this plug-in is finished, just the provided progress so far is amazing.


Thank you! The end goal is to cutout the annoyances of paying other users for a half decent pattern and the ability to create your own pattern to your exact likings without having to go through a 3rd-party. The plugin should be released sometime within the next 2 weeks.

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Actually looks sick, this will give a lot of people a new oppertunity of creating EMS and emergency services vehicles.


Great creation. Honestly, it’s way better than staring at hundreds of lines of code constantly just to make a pattern, but to me, that feels normal.
Can’t wait to see this keep growing and improving.

Only suggestions I would have would be some pre-made patterns to modify (simple things), or maybe ‘sections’ that you can select instead of clicking “All” or individual lights.
For example, I could select only the lights on the back of the lightbar or maybe the lights on the left side of the lightbar, without clicking every individual light.

Maybe for the Lighto’s people, add lighto functionality. I spent plenty of time myself optimizing code for Lighto’s in FSV3 having only done Neons for the past two years.


Appreciate the feedback!

As for preset patterns, I do have plans for another plugin that will revolve around vehicle creation which will feature that, but I may implement that into the ELS plugin too, but may not be until after initial release.
I do plan on changing the light selection to something more optimized, to the point where you can select/deselect multiple lights at once to make it easier and quicker rather than selecting each individual light. That’s something I’m going to look into after I return from vacation.

If you’re referring to Lightos, then I have received suggestions to implement it, but I need to look more into how it works and how I can add it into the plugin.

I still have plenty of work to do, but appreciate the feedback nonetheless!

I must say, this is going to be very useful, I’ll give more detailed feedback when I get to testing it.

More colors would be a great plus.


I’m looking forward to releasing it to everyone!

You’ll be able to add your own colors to the plugin that’ll save, but for now it’ll just come stock with the basic red, blue, white, and orange colors you commonly see.


Can’t wait to see this plugin released and actively working! ELS was never an activity I enjoyed doing and this should make it easier!


Much appreciated! The end goal is the make ELS creation enjoyable and easy!


I know it might be a bit early to tell but do you have a possible release date yet?


I do not yet. Sometime within the next 2 weeks maybe.

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Sounds good, can’t wait to see the plugin!

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Appreciate it!

enough chars to send message; ignore

Edit: Added custom colors, which save to your plugin.

This is awesome, pre-ordering for sure.

ELS Devs are not devs sue me


They aren’t, hence why I made a plugin that does it all for you start to finish in a much easier fashion.