Beta Feature: "New Studio Camera Controls" Change Request

I am currently using the “New Studio Camera Controls” Beta feature, and would like to give a suggestion.

Please change the method from (RMB + Scroll Wheel) to (Left Shift + Scroll Wheel). Putting it on RMB disables the use of turning the camera while zooming. It’s just much more natural feeling if it were to be on shift.


I can definitely agree with this as I use Right-Click and Scroll to go very fast across the project. I hope they do change this or allow us to change it freely.


I feel like the best solution would be to make this a rebindable “shortcut” so that users can customize it however they wish


Seems like this change is in effect in some form. You can use the current method (Right-click Scroll), Alt-Scroll, or disable the behaviour entirely!

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