Beta features window opens 5 fullscreen Studio windows on Mac

Reproduction Steps

1. Open Studio on macOS
2. Put the window into fullscreen mode
3. Open the beta features window through File → Beta Features

I am on macOS 12.5 and Studio version 0.538.0.5380364

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Expected Behavior

{%- raw -%}The beta features window opens on top of the studio fullscreen window.

Actual Behavior

Studio will open several other fullscreen instances in order to display the beta features window.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly


I am unable to access the link you posted, assuming is a video. (Forget it I was able to do so later on)

:red_circle: Anyways, if you are referring to the 5 windows that open when you click the Beta Features button (they eventually close when the last one opens), I wanted to say that this issue also happens to me and I am using Windows 10. For sure it’s a bug that they have in every device that can access Studio I would assume.

Sorry for the reply, the issue I have does indeed look different. I wonder what’s wrong with the Beta Features button:


Thanks for reporting this. I filed a ticket to our internal database and the team will take a look into this.


@Usering is this still happening today? We weren’t able to reproduce this and wanted to double-check. Thanks!

It seems to be fixed as of the new docking update.