Beta Find All / Replace All does not replace text with the active search input


If you press Enter after searching for a string, it will be stored as a residual search result.

If you type a new search input and then immediately move into the Replace input box without pressing Enter, the “Replace” functionality will use the residual search result and ignore your new search input.

This is a very dangerous silent behavior.

We will often close and re-open the Find All window, quickly type our new search input, and then click to type our replacement string.

Then we will end up clicking the “Replace All” feature without realizing it uses the old result, and that happens to be an unrecoverable operation across multiple modulescripts.

Expected Behavior

We should not have to explicitly press “Enter” in order for the new search input to take effect.
It should apply the new search input the moment we click outside of the input text box.

Ideally, the search should be updated live the moment we are typing any new characters into the input box.

The Find / Replace behavior inside individual scripts is very intuitive and so it should behave similarly with using the Find All / Replace All equivalent, but I imagine this is not done because of performance concerns.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Sorry for the late response. The Find All/ Replace All window will now refresh find results when you focus out of it, so that the results you see are up to date and less misleading.


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