Beta Program issues

Hello, I am having some issues. Yesterday I got added to the Beta Program and I still haven’t received the perks. I would like to know what is the issue. I will tell more info if I’m asked for more of it. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


This feels like an issue for Support, not one of the dev forum itself, make sure that roblox tagged you saying that you have been added into the program since you are not instantly added just by replying to the post.


Yes, They have tagged me. My friend got the perks before they posted who got accepted

Maybe just give it a bit more time? My friend had this issue where he was pinged but he didn’t get the beta features right away

Enroll in the Roblox Beta Program - #6567 by Roblox I got mentioned

Same with me, I’m going to give it a day before getting support.

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Same, I got mentioned today I’m waiting. ;-;

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I got mentioned and I have my perms. You don’t get notified about it, did you check if anything in studio changed such as inserting new instances or bigger servers?

Ink, I have already told you I haven’t gotten any of the perks

Maybe you can try to contact the Developer Relations Team?

By pinging you they inform you that you’ve been added to the beta program, however due to the large number of users who get added it can take time for the person handling it to add each user.

Plus it often takes time to update for each user.

Wait a day or two longer and if still nothing open a support ticket.
You can’t go off when other users got it in these cases.

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It has been 2 days since I got tagged

I would then make a support ticket on their official support page @ Support as stated by @LuaBearyGood above.

Making a support ticket doesn’t help

wait until Friday

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I already got added if you haven’t noticed

Oh, I had a misunderstanding.

Roblox is not helping me fix the issue so I really dont know what I can do

@DevEngagementTeam Please help me