Better alternative for this mirror? (Please read the desc.)

Hello! So I am making a mirror “engine” game, everything is working fine except for one major issue with the mirror reflection. Game Link Here


The mirror reflection is flickering whenever there are too many models or characters in game.

My Theory on the Flickering Issue

So problem is that whenever there are more than 2 players (or lots of models), the reflection’s textures begin to flicker. My theory is that since the reflection script uses RenderStepped to update the reflection, and clears all characters to draw new ones every single time, the RenderStepped event is fired, which is very often.

So the textures might have a hard time constantly reloading and therefor end up causing the character to flicker.

So from the description shown above, I am in need of a better alternative to the mirror that I am currently using, as it is causing a lot of glitching.

Example of a not flickering mirror game

P.S If you need script details, please inform me


Why must it delete and create new characters in every frame? That just sounds redundant and extremely inefficient. It should only create and delete instances when the instance-to-mirror does so. Only the properties of the instance need to be synchronized with every frame. Constantly destroying and cloning is just a terrible idea.


I think the exact same. Problem is I did not make this and I am unfamiliar with how reflections work. I wish to find another alternative :slight_smile:

it seems like the player model is Zclipping, something you could do apart from reworking the script to not replace the character every frame, is to make it alternate between the actual size of the character, and adding 0.001 to avoid the Zclipping.

(but its highly recommended that you rework it so there is one other model that gets moved instead of changing it every frame)