Better Baseplate?

In this post by @Headstackk you can see 3 videos at the start. I’m just wondering if there is a plugin or model to make the baseplate like his, or if he just built it himself. It would save me a lot of time if there’s a plugin/model.

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He just built it himself as a YouTube backdrop.


Yes I built it myself for debugging purpose for my game. It shouldn’t take you a lot of time to build one.
Here’s a useful pack:


In Blender, there’s a color UV grid that looks pretty nice, so I ripped the texture and applied it to a mesh baseplate, using a SurfaceAppearance, that’s 2048x2048 studs and UV mapped, the result:

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Already made a extremely similiar copy of your baseplate. Thanks!

Will add more of course.
(also removed most of the stuff because its just the same thing over and over AND i dont have any more images of the baseplate)

updated and better version: