This system is discontinued. I’ve created my own entirely custom system that’s not a fork of anything. This new system is a branch of Better Chat. As of writing this, the post is currently pending.

Should I rewrite this into a custom chat?
  • No, keep the default chat fork
  • Yes, make a custom UI

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Better Chat is a simple to configure and setup model that adds new functionality to the default Roblox chat.

  • RichText which will allow you to use things like italics and more in the game’s main chat for everyone to see.
  • Autofill emojis, similar to Discord’s emoji system.
  • Custom emoji aliases
  • Emoji dropdown menu with commonly used emojis.
  • Auto-updater to provide the most up-to-date bug fixes/patches or new features.

Get the model here, but make sure to read the tutorial on setting it up below first!



  • Rich-text:

    • Colors: Colors support hex codes and brick color codes , format: <COLOR / TEXT>, example: <Really red / This text will be colored.>
    • Italics: Italics are as easy as wrapping the specified text in /, example: /this will be italic/
    • Strikethrough: Strikethroughs are also simple to do, simply wrap your text in -, example: -this text will have a strikethrough-.
    • Underline: Underlines are the same process. Simply wrap your text in _, example: _this text will be underlined_
    • Bold: Last, but not least is bold. It’s essentially the same process, simply wrap your text in *, for example: *bold text*. Please note this will only work if you set your chat font to Source Sans / otherwise.
  • Installing:

    • Insert the model into your game.
    • Move all the items inside the “Chat” folder into the “Chat” service in the explorer
    • Configure the “Settings” module to your needs and enjoy!
  • Navigating the emojis

    • Use your up/down arrow keys to go through the emoji list, and the left/right arrow keys or tab to select a specific emoji/autofill.

Want to stay up-to-date with upcoming updates?

You may want to stay up-to-date with updates due to some major ones modifying a ton of the base source-code that will involve a reinstallation of the system. I’m trying to perform all of these updates early to prevent massive issues in the future. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to ask.

If you’d like to stay up to date, join our discord.

Want to test it out first?


Have fun! Make sure to tell me about bugs / any enhancements I could make to this system.


Very cool! It’s great to see something like this be free for everyone.
One suggestion: Could you add a “Press Tab to autocomplete” feature?

Also, there are two bugs I can immediately notice:

  1. Arrow keys break while typing
  2. The emoji menu sometimes doesn’t open

Super cool over all!


Interesting system, as for enhancements maybe instead of using :arrow_left: key to auto fill use :arrow_right: key. It’s more intuitive :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah one more thing, roblox tagging doesn’t occur due to the rich text (I’ve heard about that before) meaning if someone were to say a naughty word it wouldn’t be censored. Which would be a red flag!!! I would suggest incorporating some sort of workaround for this, otherwise games might be taken down for yeah people spamming bad words :eyes:
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Roblox tagging does occur. I’ve created a simple fork of the chat (which is provided in the model) that intercepts outgoing filtered messages and converts them to a valid rich-text format.

If you try to send a valid format, ex: <i>hi</i> it would probably be filtered which is why I use things like /hi/ and have the server replace it with a rich-text format after the actual message contents are filtered.

I’m really bad at explaining things, but check out the chat fork “Speaker” module at lines 295 - 321 and “ChatChannel” at lines 268 - 302.


I’ve found actually different in testing on a baseplate, I would double check this in a game. I would post screenshots, however it probably isn’t a good idea.
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Roblox doesn’t filter strings in Studio. I have absolutely no idea why they don’t either. They currently only filter in-game.


It is very nice! Not too many people make custom chats like this, so great job! I recommend adding more things like Bold and stuff, and I can tell this chat will get popular soon! Great Work!


Roblox’s default chat uses SourceSansBold already, so I couldn’t make it any bolder than it already is. :pensive:

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allow for certain things to be disabled, I have an already existing chat system that allows for certain people to have certain colors, don’t need a guest pretending to be a mod.


You can configure that in the settings. I’ll probably add rank-based permissions at a later date.

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ok, you understood what I meant, wasnt saying to add it, just asking if it is a thing
testing it out now

Nice work! Do you also have plans for the bubble chat?

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Wow, I was just going to make a topic asking how would I make a chat message :) turn into :smile:, but now you have it.


I did not have plans for it, but I might have to create my own bubble chat if Roblox doesn’t add RichText support for the actual chat bubbles. That’s primarily due to them being based in CoreGui now.

Do you want me to add support for :) and things like that? I’m down to add it.

Sure, just make sure you only have autofill emojis for common emojis like :), ;), :(, O:), etc.

Also, make some hidden easter eggs like /tableflip turn into (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (if Roblox chat allows it).


Update 1.0.2 (MASSIVE UPDATE)

New features

  • Long rich-text strings will no longer interfere with the TextBounds, previously a long string such as <really red / text><really red / text><really red / text> would really be split into multiple lines and result with giant gaps between messages.
  • Added shortcuts, which can be configured in settings. (Ex: /tableflip => (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
  • Chat Tags (linked to the permissions system below)

Permission System :partying_face:

  • Gamepasses, Groups, and Premium Rewards are now part of settings.
  • Rich Text accepts permissions for things like italics, so you could give only moderator access to italics if you wanted.


  • You will have to replace essentially all of the loader’s code for this update if you want to use the new features.
  • Report any bugs to the post or Toxic#2799.

Can you uncopylock the demo place? I’m having trouble getting it to work.

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Maybe also add the ability to change the key to start typing, as well as the position and font?