Better command bar

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what is this

hi cool people, i made a plugin like command bar but it is better, i mean it is the same but it use a server script to execute codes.

Q: why you made this useless plugin???
A: because im lazy to play test, and command bar doesn’t support multiline

how to use

first install the plugin by clicking here
put a server script anywere and write a code on it.

select the script [multiple scripts are supported] and click the execute button of the plugin.

this ain’t a meme, im just lazy to make an icon.

and yes

and you’re done, enjoy your output.

if you found any bug / error on my plugin, let me know!


You’re wrong, It does you’re just not formatting it correctly. ; represents a new line in a script.

Example: print(1); wait(5); print(2)

what i mean multiline is \n not ;

\n is for strings not code. Did you even try my example prior to replying?

but code is a string in an object

whaaat the hell are you talking about

when you press the enter key it makes a ‘\n’

lua has 8 basic types, code isn’t a string literal, it can be nil, boolean, number, string, userdata, function, thread, and table. just because it displays as text doesn’t mean it’s a string literal

ok? sorry if im wrong at replying.

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just saying, only string literals use \n

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