Better Indoor Reflections - Live for Future Lighting

There’s absolutely no configurability for this feature, and it’s terrible for that exact reason. I had to fight against it even in the roblox village baseplate.

The fact that it only updates when the camera’s CFrame changes is terrible for quickly seeing changes when configuring lighting, too

also, how is EnvironmentSpecularScale = 0 any sort of solution? it disables ANY environment reflections, not just the ones that are automatically generated.


I am a bit confused on how to get the surface appearance working. Could anyone help me with that?


Big fan of this feature for most environments in my games, however I want to be able to turn it off.

Some areas in my games have many large and highly reflective surfaces. The low resolution is extremely unappealing and distracting and I would rather simply use the sky for reflection information for those areas. This will most often be in caves or indoors with exotic foliage / crystals / etc. I would be able to temporarily adjust the skybox/atmosphere in those areas to provide a decently convincing effect instead of using the probe which would provide a gross pixelated reflection of the room.

Disabling PBR is not a valid way to disable this effect.


Looks pretty good, I like it. looks more realistic with it on, good for showcases. Should look great in all sorts of games. People will find a way to get the most out of the new indoor reflections. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


And to further prove my point, this is exactly why we need an API for scripts to control the position of this.

I want this to be at the center at a certain rotation at all times when I enter this room (I made a script that changes the reverb, skybox and sound when you go under a certain block, with that block carrying attributes for what sound, what skybox, and what reverb to apply), so when it’s automatic it doesn’t give me ANY control whatsoever. This system in its Automatic state loves to confuse itself with the other room behind this store, and gets the angles wrong. An API that would let me modify the rotation and position of the ENV map at any time can easily fix this, and would look much better than letting something uncontrollable do it for me. For example, utilizing my Ambience script I’ve made to set the position and rotation of the ENV map, so it can get all the angles right.


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This is epic. This is something we should have had a while ago, but its fine.


You can forget using reflective dynamic objects entirely with this feature. I thought it would be interesting for weapon models where accurate reflections aren’t required, but god is this bad. First of all, there is a delay between updates where the skybox is visible, making rooms with dark floors or ceilings and bright skyboxes look horrible. Next up, the updates are extremely slow. I understand that performance is a concern, but this feature is entirely useless for anything but static showcases. Finally, the system actually managed to confuse itself. Instead of loading a new cubemap, it keeps fading the same one in and out.


Glad to see this finally added!


Although this feature is very nice and allows for greater realism, there needs to be a way to disable it without setting specular to 0. Some people may not want the indoor reflections while keeping pbr rendering and specular highlight.


Roblox is developing fast! :fast_forward:

Thanks to the staff who brought all these updates! :smile:

It’s great to have this feature.


As much as I appreciate the amount of effort put into rolling this out, it’s nowhere near what anyone would want/expect from such a particular feature.

What if someone wants to use Lighting.EnvironmentSpecularScale = 1 but at the same time have the Indoor reflection probing disabled?
Not allowing us to remotely toggle reflection probing will drastically limit our abilities when it comes to reflections, Indoor reflections will simply NOT fit into some visual styles of games.
I know that adding a check box ‘Reflection Probing’ property to the Lighting would not be a difficult thing to do.

Please hear us out and allow creators to disable/enable reflection probing.

Let us place the probing origins manually and not rely solely on automation, as we all know it’s not and will not be perfect.
Your argument towards a requested ability to place probing origins manually was that 'You only want to include in the engine instances that represent real-life objects. ', that is a terrible excuse and definitely not an acceptable one.
If there is a real reason why you don’t want us to allow to place them manually please let us know, we will accept it once we know that there is a real struggle that will come with attempting to implement it.

Following the said argument will limit the possibilities of the Roblox engine and I know that all of us want to develop it extensively.

Thank you for trying to make Roblox a better and more advanced utility but limiting our possibilities will not result in positive feedback from the community.


I’m really like this new IBL update so far! Can’t wait to see more improvement of it!


i hate to be that person but these probes look horrible. How is the gas pump not reflected if its right in front of it? I’m not asking for screenspace but like this sucks. I wish we could choose where the reflections are based.

i can literally see the object in the reflection!? granted it looks a little bit better on things like spheres but it looks horrible still.


DUDE OH MY GOD I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR REFLECTIONS FOREVER! PRAISE ROBLOX THANK YOU! seriously though this is gonna be a game changer for roblox’s appearance as a whole, hyped for the games that will come out of this


Finally, I was complaining about how metal always showed the sky a few weeks back and it will finally show something else.


Global Illumination just got better. Pretty cool.


Keyword, Indoor

The Environmental Reflections were made specifically for indoor. I’m pretty sure they will make them outdoor sometime.


You asked us for our feedback.

We told you that it was a really bad idea and you still implemented it.

You go out and plan to give 500k to outsider teams while you have a nearly unusable technology, an extremely bad rendering engine and without even the 1% of the control that even the worst game engines have. You refuse to fix bugs that has been there for years but work on a feature that no one asked for and complained exclusively about it, and told you not to implement it like this but you still did. This is completely unprofessional and just shows that you do not listen to the developers who use your platform, the users that make you the money.


Cool! Can we have the option to disable it regardless of what Lighting.EnvironmentSpecularScale is set to? That would be nice.