Better ROBLOX forum search

There are some things that are really annoying when it comes to the ROBLOX forums, and it’d be really nice for some basic fixes/additions.

  1. The search won’t return every possible result. For example, the user ‘Aetricity’ posted his username in this thread, but searching for ‘Aetricity’ in the search returns nothing.

  2. The search function should have an option to sort by the newest posts, rather than just posting the results at random. (Search ‘Telamon’ and you’ll see posts starting at 2009, going to 2014, 2015, back to 2014, and etc)

  3. Searching by ‘Posted By’ doesn’t work. At all.

  4. Like above, you can’t see more than the last 25 active threads you have posted on. It’d be really nice to see more than just the last 25.


The forums are out of date, they’re horrible in almost everyway. I think they should just replace them with a Discourse forum or something instead.


Yeah probably the most annoying thing is that search results show forum posts from like 2011 and 2012, which are just irrelevant for the stuff I’m searching

It’d totally agree but the way Discourse forums work would promote aggressive behavior. We already have people on the Dev forums who farm for ‘likes’ and such. Imagine how that’d turn out when we ask 12 year olds to handle it.

Maybe if the removed the Like feature it wouldn’t be so bad, who knows.

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Until something is done with the forums your better off searching through google. ( query)

I haven’t seen a single person farming for likes since we moved to discourse…
shudders while remembering the karma system

I dunno. I still feel like there are quite a few people who just wait for the right moment to strike someone and get likes for it.

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I can only remember a very old quote that I can’t find from Anaminus saying something about websites having their own search bar that doesn’t provide as useful results as a google site search being dumb.

Huh, in what way? Surely it’s the people behind the post who are causing aggressive behaviour, I’ve seen many Discourse forums that are just fine.

They could just disable likes altogether, and likes don’t matter anyway, there’s no “total” displayed anywhere on your posts or profile unlike Kunena, where it was a little bit of an issue IMO. Discourse has a lot of toggles and options either way. (EDIT: Wow I just realised I totally missed the last line of your post, how)

Maybe we should start a different thread on this topic though. :stuck_out_tongue:

The ROBLOX forums would highly benefit from the Discourse software. However it’s a matter if the Discourse software handle ROBLOX. Take a look at the sheer amount of content posted in just a few seconds on those forums. Discourse was not built for something like that. If I recall correctly, ROBLOX started this would be an issue preventing it from happening.

However, I do believe in giving things a shot. Discourse is designed to control a madhouse such as the ROBLOX forums. With community moderation set up as it is, it would need tweaking but would help the staff hugely as there would be users who take it seriously from the huge amount of cancer in those forums.

NOTE: I realize this is about the search bar, but I believe this applies to the topic as replacing the software means fixing the search bar. That software is from 2006! Don’t ask for a fix, instead ask for a replacement!

As we’re talking about this again, I stand by my opinion that the Forums should be removed in its entirety and cut it in to individual “discussion boards” tied to each group and game (like Steam).

ROBLOX is too vast and is mainly inhabited by kids. Giving them a place to talk where everyone can see is the worst idea I could ever think of

Yes but the kids themselves like it.

Kids themselves would also like free robux and BC.

That’s so unrelated that I’m not even sure if I need to say anything

I honestly don’t believe that even Discourse could save the ROBLOX forums.

The forums have already devolved into a giant cesspool of toxic behavior, so much that the community moderation features would probably just end up reinforcing said behavior due to the large number of people who see it as the norm and believe it’s acceptable (Such as flaming anyone with an opposing opinion, flaming people who wear so called “ODer items,” posting with stuff like “get out,” etc etc).

Discourse would definitely be a nice software upgrade, but I don’t think it can fix the ROBLOX forum community.

I stand by my opinion that the Forums should be removed in its entirety and cut it in to individual “discussion boards” tied to each group and game (like Steam).

This is a big “and” here. It will make sure all the good content goes to one place and all the cancerous content can go to another. That way everyone is happy.

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Discussion about the regular forum community aside - how hard would it be to just fix its clearly broken search engine as requested in the OP? (‘Aetricity’ returning nothing) Thinking short-term here, not an overhaul of the entire forum.

Btw @WrathOfTheElvhen you can google search this: Aetricity
And it will at least return some results for now.

They should actually remake the forums in a whole, alot of members in the forums are complaining and the only way to change it is by remaking it in a whole then just updating small things.

Taking the time and looking in to legitimate suggestions from people in forums wouldn’t hurt anyone.

We can have a bandaid now for a clearly broken feature, in a short amount of time


we can have a full restructural surgery in about eight months minimum - that’s a lot to ask (and it has been asked on separate threads)

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