Better Searching for Clothing

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to . . .

As a Roblox developer (although more importantly, as a ROBLOX user), it is currently too hard to search for clothing. I recently bought a few hats, but it’s way too hard to find clothing that goes along with it. Right now, using almost any keyword results in a ton of the same clothes being listed. For example, if you search robes in pants, the first two pages are essentially the same thing. The first four pages only have 10-11 different items, and as you go on you are constantly seeing the same thing for every page.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is a pretty big problem for a game that’s so much about customization. I’m not sure if you can prevent items from being copied and/or delete already duplicated clothes, but there are other things you can do, such as…

  • Add a tags system for clothing to go along with genres, rather than having players constantly filling the description with random adjectives/nouns. Perhaps allow the creator to set 3 tags, and then players can suggest a new tag or ‘thumbs up’ a current tag. Then user searches are based on those tags first and foremost.

  • Add on to the filter system for item descriptions so if something has too many common tags in it, i.e. “pants, dress, skirt, shorts, overalls, jeans, swimsuit, …”, automatically filter it out. Likewise if an item title repeats the same word (perhaps only certain words) more than once in a row, like “converse converse converse converse”, have it filtered.

  • Use something similar to ROBLOX endorsed models, in which endorsed clothing will show up first.

  • If a group is deleted, also delete the titles/description of all the clothes that group has created. Furthermore take all of their clothing off sale.

  • Update “recommended items” so that it displays the most popular assets worn along with the accessory/gear/face/clothing/etc you’re looking at. Like create a table for all current accessories/gears/faces/shirts/pants, and whenever somebody adds that accessory to their character, add all of their other assets they’re wearing to that table. This way it’s easier to find matching/complementary items (i.e. a suit going with a top hat and vice versa), rather than just some random accessories/clothing. So Also allow users to look at all recommended items, in order from most popular to least, with filters for hats/hair/pants/shirts/etc.

  • Allow place owners to create a list of recommended clothing for their place, possibly giving them a portion of the robux the clothing owner would have received.

  • To go with above, give place owners (and maybe regular players) a list of the most common clothing/accessories worn into the game, so they can find out what users are wearing the most. Maybe sort them based on the ratio of assets brought into the place to assets brought into every place, so it’s easy to find what is a regular outfit and what is worn as part of the game.

  • Create a forum topic called “Avatar Fashion” or “Clothing Suggestions”, or something like that. Essentially a place where you can make requests for clothing, get suggestions on clothes for your avatar, find clothes that go with an accessory, get assets that fit a certain theme, discuss the best clothing designers, and so on.

If Roblox is able to address your issue, how would it improve your game and/or your development experience? Please be as specific as possible.

I think I generally explained everything above. Regardless, it allows developers to better find assets they want to use in their game (either for NPCs or custom avatar creation). Furthermore, it allows players to find better outfits for role playing games, which can better create immersion. Finally, it encourages players to buy more items relevant to what they just bought.


I agree completely with most of this. I like the idea of tags and endorsed clothing - there are way too many duplicates and botted clothing with loads of tags in the description and the catalog is really a mess right now. If Roblox want to introduce hat and gear UGC then I’m pretty sure they’ll need to fix what we already have first.


These suggestions are great, I agree with all of them. Support! :smiley:

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Tags would be cool

I think something along the lines of what roblox has done with models and put a badge on them, and bring them to top of searches would benefit many.