Better system for searching and finding developers

I know this has been mentioned and that the Roblox team is working hard on improving that side. In my own experience I have noticed since the category closed that the amount of potential clients and “exposure” that I was having decreased. One of the key factors that I believe makes the Devforum a great place to have exposure is because of the likes, comments and activity system for searchs.If the client or studio can search by the feedback a portfolio is having will not only reward the developers that work in offering a great service but will also reward the studio with finding the best of the best.


Fully agree with you on this, exposure has decreased alot



Honestly I want the collaboration category back because it will be so much easier to be hired and you can get more customers than the talent hub.


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That is the point of the feature request - to improve discoverability of developers? Collaboration will not and should not come back. No point in asking for it to come back.