Better Use of Badges | Show Friends Who Have Each Badge

Show Which Friends Have Each Badge

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create meaningful badges. Players may find it difficult to determine which of their friends have worked for each badge, making badges virtually meaningless in comparison to the proposal below.

If I saw my friend had a 0.1% impossible to obtain badge I would be heavily inclined to shoot for the badge as well. Right now users can only see the number of players who have the badge and I do not think they care as much as they could.

Here’s a very rough image of what I think could work. 2 potential spots assuming the badge area was changed accordingly. I prefer the lower area 2 with expanded whitespace.

We could include usernames on hover since it only shows friends. If a large number of friends have the badge it could say x% of your friends have this badge.



This seems like a pretty cool idea! It’ll also give you a good idea of which of your friends play the game.


Support - no. 2 looks best


You should also be able to choose which roblox badges to feature on your profile page, and have your profile show how many badges you have. Currently it is impossible to see how many badges you or others have without roblox+, and your badges page just shows whatever the last badges you were awarded were; so badges you find meaningful or difficult to collect just get lost in a sea of badges.


When the badge update comes (if it ever does,) hopefully this would be a feature.


Support! Badges need a massive overhaul and this would be great.


We agree. Once we get the resources, I could see us doing some stuff involving Badges.


This would be a great feature, It’s not easy to see which of my friends owns which badge, this would improve my experience as a user