BetterModeration! The #1 solution for Roblox games!

BetterModeration! is a moderation system that developers are allowed to use for their game.
It has a few very handy functionalities that already work!!

  • Datastores
  • Website Integration
  • Ban messages
  • Ban information
  • Moderative Commands
  • Logging via Trello or a website
  • Customizable User-Interface
  • Web Dashboards (WIP)
  • Cross game bans (This means that you can ban users from multiple of your game)
  • Administrative ranks (HeadAdmin, Admin, Moderator)

We are not able to release for everyone just yet.
You will have to wait for the official release to be able to use our service.

We have already invested a lot of time and money in this project!!
Our roadmap will release soon!!!

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