Bevel Plugin - Add bevels to parts

EDIT: This plugin is very faulty. It will take about a minute to bevel each part with a good PC, and can even crash your studio. I have no plans of fixing it, so for now I would recommend to use a different plugin instead.

So I spent a while making this plugin. Basically what it does is you select parts, click the button and it adds bevels. The bevels are 0.1 studs wide. It has a few bugs like beveling spheres and cylinders. Previews:

The plugin is free right now because I couldn’t figure out to put a price on it, so here’s a link:

I have lots of cool ideas for this plugin, please give me any feedback!


Really useful! I’m gonna use it for now. :}

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This should be in #resources:community-resources.


What about performance though?

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this is a great resource to facilitate the creations we make and not spend so much time creating many parts very good work


this was the main reason i shifted to modeling from building lmao…
Couldnt find a tool for beveling blocks back then so I rather got into learning blender and was worth it…
This tool is legendary (atleast for what I had to go through xD) and hope builders get to stay in building LOL
nonetheless, I will try it out and provide feedback sometime later :smiley:

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Very cool tool! For sure will save a lot of time.


Fixed a crucial bug where if a part had any orientation it wouldn’t bevel properly, should be working fine now.

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Good and creative plugin but when I wanted to use it it didn’t work, I don’t know why.

Could you explain what happened when you tried to use it? so I can try to fix whatever it was

When I pressed it turned out this:



And nothing happened:


problem 2

Here it is shown in its entirety:

Did you have the part selected when you pressed the button?

yes i had you can see it on picture

Strange, it’s working for me

So I don’t know what the problem is

Is there anything showing up in output?


Updated the plugin, let me know if it doesn’t work still

I don’t know if it’s my internet but I’m still showing this when I updated it.

Is there anything new in the output?