Beyond The Stars Reboot | Devlog

Welcome to the Beyond the Stars devlog, where I will be posting progress on our ambitious space game.

This is a recreation of Beyond the Stars by Roytt/Imperator. I am unaffiliated with them and have permission to work on a reboot. The original game was a Space RPG where you, an unfamiliar species on an unfamiliar workd, could gather resources and explore various worlds, unlocking new star-systems as you level up to explore new worlds with new resources, travelling via a device known as the Starmap

The reboot shall feature larger worlds with a greater variety of life and resources, shall reduce the massive level gap present between later OG systems, contain stories and a campaign, and much more.

The game is currently in early alpha stages, and will take quite some time before full release. As my first proper project I’m aware it will have lots of flaws and issues which will hinder its success, but aiming high is fun and keeps me motivated, and I’m willing to modify and remaster it as much as it takes till it can make a good number of people happy.

For players who simply wish to explore freely, one can eventually unlock large sets of “side-planets” with mostly unrestricted access, which play little to no role in the story, accessed via spaceships instead of starmaps. The hope is to eventually accept free community submissions to make up the bulk of these Side-Systems.

Bare in mind that 90% of what you see in-game is subject to some form of change/optimisation, I am working in a very obscure order to retain motivation and have fun.

Map Images #1

Waterfall/Ocean Planet Realta 9:

Home World Gate:

Fungus Planet Peridot:

Molten-Planet Inaguar:

Permafrost-Planet Ayvos:

Side-Planet Gas Giant Varitus:

Star Station [Unrenovated, Very Incomplete, Needs Lighting]:

Here’s the game, there’s a data reset button incase something breaks or to replay the tutorial to see future updates to it.

WARNING: Lots of optimisation needed in planets due to large amounts of terrain and meshes, don’t run on Potato OS

The ore extractor tool is buggy on touchscreens but should hopefully get you passed the tutorial if you’re using one, though we aren’t focusing on mobile compatability just yet.

Feedback is appreciated, particularly bug reports and annoyances since the game isn’t in a playable stage so it’s more of a showcase. Gameplay feedback can wait till the beta!

NPCs #1

SECr-01 | Security Robot 01

The designs/models will be optimised/revised at a later date, there are more parts than I’d like but it sure looks cool!

The main security force of planet Gate, the SECr series went rogue following an “Incident,” driving the peaceful and unarmed residence who survived into underground sewers.

Prototype design purely to test functionality of certain scripts/mechanics, almost identical to the original game’s Boopigs. Less blocky design will come at a later date.

The Boopigs are a common, peaceful creature of gate, livestock used as a source of Hard-Fibre Wool.


Me - UIs, 99% of scripting
@thepicwoman - Most planets and most models within them, and SECr
d00dleboy - Planet Varitus
@Zahrialt - New and upcomming audio tracks


Its fine, you could try adding a dynamic rendering system for decorations to improve performance


Added some NPC images/descriptions

Working on a building for homeplanet Gate, I’m not much of a builder however but it’s looking alright (the blue thing’s a free model i dont remember why i added it):

Perhaps some stairs will go in the far corner, and this area will be a living/dining room. Some more windows needed
This’ll be a kitchen
Upstairs, needs to be split into rooms, needs lights and perhaps more windows

I tried designing this based off the houses in the original game to create a sence of familiarity for possible returning players. I didn’t have an aweful lot to go on though:


As you can see, the original buildings were very simple, you couldn’t enter them, and their size was a bit impracticle. However the simplicity was part of the game’s beauty and it did create a nice atmosphere. I want the new version to be more immersive however, things like scavenging old buildings for useful resources.

Is this still being updated? I’d love to see a remake of this game.

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Yes, been too lazy to update the devlog but we’ve done a bunch though we still have a bunch to do. Working on dungeon mechanics right now.

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Cool, although I didn’t play the game much but it was a very unique and interesting game. It’s fine that you don’t update the dev log it’s just I wanted to make sure that the game is still being updated.


We redid the map for Gate again and added better plants to Realta 9

We want somethin playable (early beta) by the end of August however while i’m capable of programming all the neccesary things within a month, the limitng factor is we have one model/terrain maker so it depends on how motivated she’s feeling, but her skills have greatly improved even more recently and she says she’ll return stronger so it is still possible we’ll have something playable by the end of August

There’ll still be large changes afterwards such as adding stories, sidequests and lore etc as well as new mechanics. The beta is aimed to have the core mechanics of the original game completed. Data likely will be reset before a full release.

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It looks like one of those hyper realistic games on this platform, I do have a link to one of those games: [BUS TERMINAL] Detroit RP - Roblox.

Keep up the good work!

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Added 2 new images:

Planets of the Phoseuclasia star system.

This game looks absolutely beautiful. I am so excited to play this!

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Really excited to see how far this project goes!