Bezier Pro | Curve your models with ease



That plugin has been implemented with the NEW version of bezier pro which is much better.

For a long time, I wanted a plugin that could curve my road model easily, for me to be able to move the nodes around, make fun curvy forest drives, etc. Most driving games on Roblox have straight roads, or they have roads curved on only one axis. I hope this plugin can fix that. It works for more then roads though.


Saving Preset Models: -

Automatic Updating Model Movement + Grid -


Preset Models - When installing the plugin, it will create a new folder in your games server storage. Put any models you wish to use in here.

Grid Offset Number - This is how far the grid will be from your camera

Segment Count - How many segments of your model the bezier curve will use

Issues & Concerns

This is a pretty complicated plugin and is bound to have bugs starting out. Please reply down below or PM me to get help.

Made by JorusRetorak and Dannyb500.

TUTORIAL - BezierPro Tutorial - YouTube

:link: Bezier Pro - Roblox


Looks really cool! I’ll be sure to check it out! I’ve been looking for a plugin like this so excited to give it a try.

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Update V0.1.1

  • Made it so you can select old nodes to use

  • Added error screen if you don’t have a model selected

  • Fixed multiple other bugs

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When ive tried it, even after selecting a model, i only get an error message…

Could you please send a video? Also, is there anything in output?

Hi, I’ve just downloaded this plugin. When I click the plugin’s icon to start it, it throws this error:

Hello! Did you try to restart the plugin? And does it still work even though it throws the error?

Yep, I’ve tried clicking it a couple times and restarting studio as well and no, the plugin doesn’t work

Ah that’s weird- never happened to anyone. Ill do some checking to find out what it is :slight_smile:

Hey! are you possibly trying to access the plugin on a local file?

Sorry for the late response. So I tried using the plugin again today in a different place and it seems to be functioning now. I really enjoyed being able to use my own templates, its a feature not many other bezier plugins offer. The plugin seems to still be a bit too buggy to use in my workflow, I somehow managed to get multiple different templates in the preview viewport rendering all together, and some other weird issues with the nodes not rendering anymore. I think it may have something to do with the user experience of edit/creating new curves and me accidentally breaking the workspace hierarchy or workflow the plugin expects. None the less, I hope you continue working on this plugin, I think its great and will surely be a useful tool to many creators with a couple more patches :slight_smile:

The first time I tried using the plugin and got that “attempt to index nil with ‘GetMouse’” error, I was using it in a blank place (created by going File > New in studio), I tried opening new place file today and got the same error. Maybe the bug caused by something to do with the way a place is configured?

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Thanks! I believe it only works in a published place as I use StudioService to get the player’s (your) UserId.

And thanks, I know it has a lot of bugs and I am tryng to fix them, I’m glad you think its cool though!

Interesting, why does the plugin need my userid to function?

Thanks for developing such a great plugin!
I immediately used the plugin to install the rails, but I think it would be useful to have a mode that automatically adjusts the number of segments.

As you can see in this image, the parts overlap each other where the nodes are densely packed.
However, I would greatly appreciate the ability to use my own model unlike other plugins.
I hope it will evolve to be even more useful in the future!

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To then get your player and then the mouse. 90% of plugins do.

Could PluginMouse be used instead?

IMPROVED BEZIER TOOL! That one will be getting updated, this plugin is outdated.

If you bought this plugin, let me know and I will get you the new one for free.

yo I bought it, can you help me out

Sure! What do you need help with?

EDIT: Sorry, I misread what post this came from. Yeah, DM me a time you wish for me to make it free, and I’ll make it free for a minute.

The newer plugin (StudiPro) uses this and also much better math. If you want it for free since you bought this, please DM me.