StudiPro | All-In-One Builder Workspace


StudiPro is a all-in-one builder workspace plugin. Providing the best and most versatile tools and assists for builders. Our goal is to make building as easy and seamless as possible.

UI auto adjusts to your roblox theme!


Tools are your general helpful 3D tools. Heres what we offer.

  • Roblox Shortcuts - Keybinds for the general Roblox tools. (G for scale, R for rotate, H to move, Spacebar for select)
  • Node Tool - Sort of like triangle terrain, which is one of it’s many use cases. The triangles made with the node tool can be updated at any time, even after rejoining studio. Nodes snap to corners. [T]
  • Beam Tool - Create beams (2 nodes) with a part or a model. You’ll see what this is helpful for in the showcase. Nodes snap to corners. [B]
  • Add Cube Tool - Blender-like add cube tool to easily scale a cube to your liking. Great for making city layouts. [C]
  • Model Focus Tool - Remove everything from workspace except one single model, and work on it. When you’re done, easily add everything back! [Shift + T]
  • Bezier Tool - Derived from BezierPro, an improved version to curve models, allowing for things like roads at ease. [N]
  • Grid Tool - Easily turn on a grid sized to your liking to use when placing nodes. This tool is single, so you can turn it on with other tools as well. [No Keybind (let me know for ideas.)]
  • OBJ Import tool - Import OBJ’s and turn them into triangles. Useful to fix collisions, and the triangles get nodes so you could literally import a mesh and then manipulate it with the node tool. Your mesh cannot have faces that are anything other than three vertices or four vertices (any good modeler only uses tri’s and quad’s anyway.) Also, there is no tri limit but if you go anywhere over 30k, good luck. [No Keybind (let me know for ideas.]
  • Separate Tool - Separate/ group selection or model by color, material, or material variant.[No Keybind (let me know for ideas.]

Smart Transform Tools

Format for smart tools: [initiate keybind] (Shift + G for scale) [axis] (can type two axes to scale diagonally) [increment]

  • BIG FEATURE - Free move and Free scale tools snap to edges!

  • Add Object - Shift + U - Get a pop up menu for inserting objects. Insert mesh plane and mesh cube with nodes. (showcase)

  • Scale - G to turn on the scale tool, G twice to turn on incremental scale (Type in a number to scale, you can also type in a axis first. For example, G twice, type X, then 25.) - Shift + G to free scale, also can be used along an axis by hitting “X” Y" or “Z”. Works with multiple axes.

  • Move - H to turn on the move tool, H twice to turn on incremental move (Type in a number to move, you can also type in a axis first. For example, H twice, type X, then 25.) - Shift + H to free move, also can be used along an axis by hitting “X” “Y” or “Z”. Works with multiple axes.

  • Rotate - R to turn on the rotate tool. I think you get the gist from the previous two. R twice to turn on incremental, Shift + R to free rotate. Type an axis or increment. Multiple axes supported.


If you haven’t noticed by now, we are trying to create a blender-like workspace in Roblox. Therefore, modifers!

  • Array Modifier - Just like blender, type in a increment, and a amount and it will duplicate your model/part in a array format. Apply modifier works too.
  • Colorvary modifier - Adjust parts color with ease. Easily add dimension to building models by varying color. Derived from ColorVary
  • More to come


Future Updates

  • Thinking…


I am planning to update this plugin daily and add new features daily. Tomorrow is a ton of fixes and improvements!

Please reply with bugs or concerns - I work on this daily so I can bug fix easily.

@JorusRetorak - Main Coding
@Dannyb500 - Assistant Coding

:link: StudiPro - Roblox


I like what you’re trying to go for, it seems really useful, and I feel as if people would be able to use your plugin to their advantage instead of having to install multiple different plugins for hundreds of Robux depending on what they’re trying to get.

However, at the same time, it just seems like a rebrand of F3X that costs R$100, I don’t want to sound rude here, nor be a downer, but it just doesn’t seem worth it if that makes sense, as I mentioned in the first body of my message, it’s pretty cool, but I can easily get all of this within a few free plugins, such as F3X, Archimedes, etc.

However, do keep up the good work man.



Yeah I understand what you mean. I get that’s what it looks like with the move/scale/rotate tools.

Although, I already know of all these plugins, and I made this because I had some issue or another with them. Archimedes for example, I would use it to make roads, but its kind of tedious and doesn’t support multiple axes at once, which is why I implemented the bezier tool. As for the F3X reference, my plugin has more features than just your normal move, scale, and rotate. I have the keybinds for incremental move, scale, rotate… as well as free scale, rotate, and move. Then there is the add cube plugin which is really helpful because it is node based, making a 2d floor and then choosing a height, just like Blender’s add cube tool.

But, I haven’t added much showcase videos yet so I can see why you would think it’s like F3X, maybe you will see the difference in the morning once I add all the tools to Showcase.

Thanks for the reply though!


This looks great, I really like the all in one approach you are going for.
Will definitely be buying this soon.

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Thanks! On Monday I plan to do everything on the to-do list at the end of the post. The plugin will be updated weekly, so I appreciate your support :smile:

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Update V1.0.1

  • OBJ Importer tool (pick an obj from files, it turns it into roblox wedges/triangles, works with the node tool so you can literally import a mesh and then manipulate it)
    disclaimer: if you try to import a 1 million triangles mesh, don’t tell me it isn’t working :flushed:
  • Lots of bug fixes/ improvements
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Update V1.0.2

  • Preset Models for beam and bezier tool
  • Preset Mesh objects - literally a plane and cube made out of nodes like what you would use in blender (mesh plane, mesh cube)
  • Ability to turn on a transform tool and move around objects with nodes without triggering node updating
  • More bug fixes/ improvements

Update V1.0.3

  • Added Separate tool (separate selection or model by color, material, or material variant)

If anyone has more feature ideas for this, DM me. :smile:

Fixed the bug with the OBJ importer!

how to use the beam tool or bezier

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How to use the Bezier editor? it seems like it’s not working for me when I select a model