[BH] - Bridgeport Hotels Manual & Staff Guide

Bridgeport Hotels

This is the official manual of Bridgeport Hotels. This includes Rules, Promotions, and Guides
Bridgeport Hotels is a Sub-Division of GoTestRBLX



These are the rules that every employee is expected to follow. Failure to follow them will result in a warning, points deduction, demotion, or even a blacklist from Bridgeport Hotels (and GoTestRBLX)


1. As a member of the group, you are required to follow the Roblox Community Rules and the GoTestRBLX Rules
2. As a member of our team, you are expected to respect all staff and guests
3. Any kind of bullying (repeated), discrimination, harassment (etc.) is forbidden and will be punished accordingly
4. Do not wear, use, or play inappropriate (bypassed or not) content of any kind
5. Inappropriate roleplay and/or online dating in our games will not be tolerated and will result in a server kick or ban.
6. Do not publically discuss disciplinary actions taken against you. If you want to discuss actions taken against you, contact a moderator listed in the HR Section Below
7. Do not contact management about simple questions that can be answered by your fellow staff members
7A. Do not contact Awesomewebm or GoTest334 unless it is a dire emergency
8. Do not ask trainers to log points or make promotions. If you are eligible for a promotion but have not been promoted within 2 weeks or more, contact a trainer

1. Pay Attention and Follow Instructions given by the Host
2. Do not interrupt the training unless you have a legitimate question or need to go AFK

Ranking Up

To rank up in the group, you attend training to rank up. However, you should not only be training. There is an expectation for you to go on your shifts.
Promotion Guide
Junior Staff:
20 points

55 Points
90 Shift Minutes

Senior Staff:
90 Points
300 Shift Minutes

Staff Trainer:
150 Points
600 Shift Minutes
Handpicked + Evaluation

Handpicked + Voted In

Training is hosted at the hotel, and remember to run !htserver in the chat to go to the training server
Often, the training is split into 3 or more teams for 3 different positions. As a result, you will get training centered more on your specific role (ie. Cafe, Reception).

You can earn up to 4 points per training. Points are given out on a scale of 0-4. 4 being excellent, 0 being bad / did not participate.

Promotions should be done at the end of every training when the trainer sees that you are eligible with the required points and shift minutes. Points are often logged immediately after training but may take a day or 2.

Working At The Hotel

Going On Shift

To go on shift, the tag above must be set to “Hotel” using !settag set hotel

You must also run !shift on before starting any shift or you will not count as being on shift and your minutes will not increase.

To go off your shift, do !shift off

When working at the hotel, you have one job. You are to attend to the guests’ needs whether they need a room, they need housekeeping, need some food, or any assistance they need.

Guests are expected under the rules to be respectful at all times, however, this is not always the case. If you ever encounter a rude customer, you are allowed to use the warning system (3rd warning call an HR). But avoid saying things like “I’m gonna get an hr to ban you” or “ur stupid” Afterwards, you can use !report to call an HR for assistance. If you see anyone breaking this guide or the Roblox/GoTestRBLX rules

Yet as a staff member, you are expected to be respectful 100% of the time. And an HR may be called if another staff member thinks that you or someone else is breaking the rules.

Anyone with the rank of Staff Trainer and above is considered a High Rank!

Reception is in charge of checking in customers to hotel rooms. To access the hotel room giver, run !roomgiver to pull up the GUI. However, there are a few caveats.
1. Do not give rooms to people who didn’t ask for them, including admins (as admins can check themselves in). They must come to reception and ask
2. Attempting to give someone a room they don’t have will throw an error & prompt the player to purchase if necessary
3. You are allowed to give yourself a room, but you are not allowed to give yourself premium rooms.
4. You must be on shift to use the command


Housekeeping’s job is to maintain the sheets, pillows, furniture, and other assets of the hotel and its rooms. Any guest who has a room can click the button in their room or run !housekeeping in chat. Either way, all staff who’s position is set to “Housekeeping” will be notified via the GoTest365 admin system. These can be turned on or off. There is an anti-spam to prevent guests from spamming the system.


This includes waiters/waitresses and chefs in the kitchen fall under this category
This group feeds our guests with the freshest food and quality service. There will be a system for keeping track of orders (guide coming soon)

Just like the reception, respect is expected on both sides and the warning system applies. Remember to call an HR if things get out of hand. See the reporting section below

Reporting Abusive Behavior
All Violations of our rules and this manual should always be reported to an HR. You may either DM a member of the Trainers team to report guests breaking rules or staff not follow this manual. Reports of Abusive Trainers should go to Management. All of these cases require appropriate evidence (except for when the HR is in-game witnessing any behavior)