Big issue with Adonis Admin! Anyone know how to help!?

Hello! I am using adonis admin in my game for my admin commands and i have encountered an error where i cannot un perm ban players. I do not know why this is happening. If anyone else had this error and knows how to fix it please help! I need to un perm ban a few players!

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I recommend making your own banning and admin system. Lots of these admins can cause performance issues and cause errors. There’s tutorials everywhere for these types of systems.

Just don’t use the admin then and delete it, and use another one or more recommended, make your own.

Hello, I have had this issue with my admin a long time ago that pretty much created a risk for the community but since I was pretty experienced with Adonis, I found a way to fix it.

The problem for me was that the permission level to run :unpermban was too high for any admins to run the command, so I went into the Settings script and altered a few settings to make it so all admins are able to run :unpermban.
First, you want to go into the Settings Script located in the “Config” Folder.

Then you go to around line 203 and input a string value into the table saying:


Although I didn’t give the most clear explanation, I’ll list an image down below to show what I’m talking about, there are also texts in the Adonis Setting script to help you understand the formatting of the script.

I hope this helped you :sunglasses:

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