Big issue with Roblox's new chat UI

This is honestly very game breaking, every time I chat, the bubble will not disappear. I had this ‘e’ up for 3 minutes… Still no disappearing. It’s not even only this game, it’s happening on any game using this broken new chat. I joined on phone and somehow it DOES disappear, but on my PC it won’t.

I can’t stress enough about this, but this needs recognition immediately. It’s impossible to fix.

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I am not sure how to fix this and I can’t post in bug reports yet but you can revert back to the old one until this one is fixed by going in the explorer tab, click on TextChatService and change ChatVersion to LegacyChatVersion.

Hopefully this is fixed soon.

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Hey thanks for the report. Could you provide a link to the place that shows the issue?


I have noticed that the default settings for bubble chat removal time have been higher than 10 seconds, which I’m sure is higher than what they used to be, but this seems to be a bug with the TextChatService or some combination of configurations.

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Hi, following up as we want to ensure this issue is fixed! We’re currently unable to reproduce this issue–could you send us a place where the issue occurs? Or at least more concrete steps to reproduce could help as well.

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Bumping this topic again, I personally have not encountered this behavior however I am still interested in understanding how this occurs.

Do feel free to update this thread with more information such as the place or experience you’ve witnessed this happening!

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Hey! I’ve encountered this bug too. It happens in this experience, but only for the Local Player. The bublechat gets removed for other players.
(1) Hangout and chat - Roblox


Hi, we’re investigating this issue now. Could you give me access to play this experience?

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Woops. Should be open now! You’d need a friend to test this game properly tho. Can’t get into the game with your character any other way. :slight_smile: I’ve tested it with me and my phone. It only happens for my Windows desktop computer for all players. I’m not doing anything to modify the chat (atleast not intentionally). At the start of the game CharacterAutoLoads is turned off, but is turned on when the game starts. The player is sat in a seat as soon as they are spawned in.
Now that we are talking about the chat I would also like to say that it’s pretty annoying that keyboards, which doesn’t have the slash keys built in cannot use shift + 7 to open the chat. You have to use some random button on your keyboard, even though the textbox says to use slash. I could use shift + 7 on the old chat :confused:

Hi, thanks for giving us access. I was able to jump in the experience with two separate accounts and was still unable to repro the issue. Is there any other steps you can provide us?

For the keyboard hotkey, we’ll soon be rolling out a new ChatInputBarConfiguration API Property called KeyboardKeyCode, which will allow you to customize the hotkey. That way, you can customize how your experience opens the chat.

I’ve been testing it a little more and have only been able to produce it on my desktop windows computer. This has however been happening consistently in the live game I posted on that specific machine. I haven’t tested to see if it only happens in the game I sent, or if it’s something that happens consistently in all games. Haven’t done anything specific. Just played the game. I’m not handling the experience owner in any other way, but will try to switch device and log onto the account that owns the experience later today, just to make sure.

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Hey there! I’m experiencing this issue on my Windows 10 Laptop!

Experience: Find Everything - Roblox (sorry it’s paid access :sweat_smile:)

But yea like the OP said, the chat bubbles just don’t go away for me. Hoping you find a fix soon!