Big Opportunity for Builders!

Hey guys!

I’m currently working on a project with some awesome guys from Mineplex. The project currently requires someone who demonstrates an outstanding and unique building style. The game features two symmetrical team sides that are colored Red and Blue. The playing zone of each side is fairly flat, while most of the detail will be around the teams base as well as the background (what will enclose the map). Here’s some VERY BASIC examples of what the guys are looking for (both ROBLOX and Minecraft screenshots)

This is a HUGE opportunity to work with some very cool guys, who will pay very fairly. I’m looking to get them into contact with an awesome builder who can begin construction ASAP!

Is this turf wars, like how on mineplex they have the bows that one shot with a few different classes.

I usually build on the more realistic side of things but am open to change that up if need be. Feel free to DM me or discord me @ TrustMeImRussian#6148

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This opportunity is once again available due to some conflicting timing. To add some info, we are looking for someone who can begin ASAP in producing these maps; our project is set to release end of May.

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