Big parts do not render properly when close to the camera

Big parts (1024x1024 and above) when looked up close (near the camera’s clipping plane) in the live build do not render their materials properly.

Closer to the camera, you can see some artifacts on the texture, which gets “squiggly” as it nears the camera plane.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Open studio and open a baseplate as normal
  2. Make the baseplate 2048 studs long and 2048 studs wide (2048x10x2048)
  3. Bring your camera as close as you can to the part and observe the materials.

Note: the artifacts are especially noticeable on Slate, but it happens on all materials. It also happens on the client.

The bug happens on every machine I tested, but my current specifications are:
  NVIDIA GeForce 920M;
  Intel Core i5-5200U;
  Windows 10 Home Edition;
  8 gigabytes of RAM.

The bug is not new and has been happening for as far as I can remember.