Big spaceship giveaway


I want to give away a big spaceship that I build in Roblox Studio. It uses models from Creator Marketplace and some of my own.

This is just too big for my game and it does not go with my plans.

Currently, you can go and walk in that ship in my game:

At some point, I am going to build a new one in Blender and a lot smaller :slight_smile: and that would look more like a spaceship.

Some screenshots:

Don’t need to credit me, but you can ping me if you will use it somewhere. It is nice to know if it is actually used somewhere.

game-lobby.rbxl (1.6 MB)
I have rbxlx file also that is 308 MB, so if someone wants that instead, then ping me.


It looks as if it’s built in bloxburg, no negativity though


wow looks cool @trimateh, did you build that?

I will have to take a look, love space games. When I was a kid, I played Elite. Not elite dangerous, the original 8 bit game. :smiley:

What are your plans, if not a game with the ship you posted?

Yep build that, except some models that are in rooms.

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I will build a smaller ship, the lobby, with some rooms to start the main game. And you will be “beamed” to the planet. Where the main game will be. I had thoughts about the space part also - a lot of thoughts - but at the moment need to scope the game down and concentrate on the main part.