BIG SPONGEBOB Accessory Exploiting the Accessory Fitting Tool with Oversized Appearance in Roblox Experiences

Issue Description:

The Roblox Catalog Asset “BIG SPONGEBOB” is exploiting and abusing the Accessory Fitting Tool. When playing a Roblox experience, the accessory appears huge while being considered a “Hat” on the website. This issue can potentially disrupt the approval of avatars, similar to previous incidents where moderation approvals were temporarily paused.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Purchase the “BIG SPONGEBOB” accessory from the Roblox catalog.
  2. Equip the accessory on your avatar.
  3. Join any Roblox experience with the accessory equipped.

Expected Behavior

The accessory should fit the avatar correctly according to the dimensions specified by the Accessory Fitting Tool feature located on Roblox Studio.

Actual Behavior

The accessory appears in an oversized manner, significantly larger than intended, causing visual and gameplay disruptions.

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There NEEDS to be some kind of maximum size for roblox accessories cuz this is out of hand. Hope these are dealt with and prevented via roblox in the future


There is a maximum size for roblox accessories, thats why this forum post is classified as a bug report


cant you bypass it by just making the mesh itself huge, but keeping the meshsize of the specialmesh 1,1,1?

IIRC, there is a validation that identifies if the person is not following the requirements of the avatar creation. In this post, it seems that there was a way to trick the system and the person managed to publish the accessory