[BIG UPD 3] Feedback On Zombie Defense Game

Thank you everyone for your continued support, we added two new big features to our game.

  1. Hunting Zombies (the most solicited one)

  2. Zombie Drops

The chase took a decent amount of effort to upgrade the hivemind to make zombies target players and base, also some types are only siegers meaning will ignore the player, the others are hybrid which will detect and hunt players in a 30 stud radius and chase them relentlesly unless they get into the base or climb on to something (they are pretty smart for dead people).

Give our game a try, we take feedback seriously and work daily on the game, so expect your suggestions and ideas to appear here in the near future, you might be part of the making of the next adrenaline packed zombie game :slight_smile:


I just played it again, glad to see some progress.

  • Some things i liked
    – Zombies look cool
    – Guns feel good
    – Animations and UI
  • Some things i didn’t
    – The beggining is waaay to slow
    – If you finish the round away from the base you dont have time to buy upgrades in 30 seconds
    – Nothings to unlock or not much to do in general, besides killing zombies and buying upgrades (this has improved from last time with the pickups at least)

All in all, cool looking game but still barebones, keep up the good work.

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Thank you for your feedback, as for the bad, point 1 and 2 about beggining slow and no time to buy stuff fix is something im working at the moment, i will make the intermission longer but let the players decide if they want to just go, with a ready button that half the server needs to click. And also make the game more fun at the beg, i noticed it starts to really pick up around round 6, and that is BAD for business, i will make the zombies to start weaker and in larger numbers so its fun from the beggining.
Things to unlock will take a while for now im focusing on the game loop being fun for at least a play and forget.
Offtopic i added a leaderboard so make sure to start killing zombies and getting your name in there. Cheers!