Big ViewportFrame Gui Loading Screen

Hey everyone,

After a recent Roblox Studio update, all of the frames in my game which contain viewportframe objects are covered by a large loading screen, as seen in the image below. This appears in both Roblox Studio and Roblox Player. It sometimes goes away after I click the, “Current: Client,” and, “Current: Server,” buttons in Roblox Studio.

I don’t recall ever making or importing such a loading screen. Was this a new feature that I could disable? Thank you.


Here’s a video of the unknown loading screen showing up at the start of the game and again after a frame with viewportframes is rendered:

It’s either:
A. Studio Bug.
B. Someone else added that if you’re in a team create.


Don’t see how it’d be either when OP clarified that a loading screen was not added and loading screens aren’t bugs. It most likely has to do with something internally in terms of rendering or something is forcing it on.

@OP have you checked the hierarchy of your Gui when you start a new test server in the instance that something may be getting added?

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You should open your PlayerGui so we can see more. This does not look like something that Roblox would be caused by Roblox.

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Thanks for the help, everyone. After checking PlayerGui and deleting things until I found the cause, I found that one of the models in a viewportframe had a screengui inside of a part, which, apparently, was being rendered by the viewportframe.