Big Wall -Showcase

Hello! I’ve been working on this showcase of mine called “Big Wall”. The showcase was suppose to have a different name and take place on a city street but turned into a formal sci-fi cafe. There will eventually be outdoor access (almost finished) and maybe if I could find somebody to script for the “Behind the bar access” that’d be great. I also might be adding some seating animations.


Cat's Cottage -Showcase - Roblox -Also make sure to check out Cat’s Cottage if you haven’t


This looks well detailed and realistic. Nice job!

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Pros: Love all the little details, the music fits the theme of the build, I like the build style and the cosy theme of the build. Cons:(I don’t know if this is how it works but if it works how I think it works then this would be really annoying) The microphone has this really annoying text that fills up the full screen, if it shows up to other people then that would ruin the game for other people, also the filter does not work for the microphone. Overall rating: Would rate a 8/10.


This is really good! It’s both simple and complex at the same time. The lighting is very soothing, and the place looks cozy.

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I’m not a scripter, so I just stole the script from some model and put it in my own microphone. I tried editing the script so it’ll have a transparent background but couldn’t find anything to change the properties. I’ll have to have someone edit it for me.

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It looks fantastic, what else can i say?

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There’s way more to it than you think, I’ll edit the post and add all the images

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Hey, your post actually gave me alot of inspiration, this image

Would you mind if i took a spin on it? Always better to ask for permission first. (of course, it wont look the exact same)

I suggest you next time you take screenshots for such wonderful builds like this that you increase your FOV in your camera settings, it shows off much more detail and looks even better as it gives a more peripheral view!

This is a really nice showcase. Nice job!

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Sure, just don’t make it too exact :wink: